Friday, December 17, 2010

Retail theraphy

After a super strenuous and crazy day in the office last week, I decided a little retail therapy will do me some good  , and ended up with this....


Got the Sunsilk and  Johnson's stuff  in Watsons.  Watsons is currently having promotion on Johnson's products, where for purchase of Johnson's products RM 20 and above, free 1 limited edition facial blotter(blue) .  I love Sunsilk products, as it really suits my when i saw this new serum, i bought it..I'm gonna try the Sunsilk Damaged Hair Reconstruction Serum and see if it can save my almost "dying" hair...
Next stop was Guardian to check out the Lip Smackers..Bought the pouch set which contains 2 lip balms and 1 lip gloss..And finally went to L'Occitane to get my 2011 diary organizer..

Although little, but I'm super happy with my mini shopping trip..Made my day... :)

And when I got back home today, there was this tiny parcel waiting for me..

and in it was

Aqua Swim Damage Control Shampoo

No idea how I got this, but I have been wanting to try this shampoo for sometime, and now I can :)

Adios for now, while I go "raba" my new stuff.. 


Monday, October 18, 2010


After contemplating for a long time, I have decided to start my very own blog. As a self proclaimed beauty junkie and shopaholic, I have lots to say, and this seems the platform for me :) ...

A little about me..I love shopping,make up,skin care and the list goes on... :)
I'm no expert when it comes to make up, but am very eager to learn. So, if you are like me, jump on board and lets SAIL AWAY!!!

Lots of Love