Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Freebie with Newtide Magazine in Kinokuniya

A friend of mine spotted this in Kinokuniya KLCC and she got me 1...

I dont read chinese or neither does my friend, so I have no idea what the poster says.

All I could gather is that Newtide is celebrating its 36th anniversary is giving out free goodie bag with the purchase of the magazine, and its limited .

This is the goodie bag or rather box that I got

The magazine costs RM 10 and its super thickkk... Altough i dun read chinese, the magazine looks interesting. There is also a cute coaster that comes with the magazine.

And I was also given a competition form to fill in, which I will fill in and send although i dont know nuts whats in it... Hehe!!

Go grab your Newtide now in Kinokuniya       


FatiN said...

ooo nice freebies!!

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