Monday, July 23, 2012

Fabulous Finds...Malaysia's 1st Beauty Box

Last week as I was nursing a bad week, which was eventually getting worse :( , this baby was delivered to my office...........

and immediately cheered up my week :)

When I used to read posts and reviews on beauty boxes by bloggers from other countries, I used to feel really sad that Malaysia did not have this service. The idea of receiving a box full of beauty goodies every month was just so appealing to a beauty junkie like me..

Thanks to Fabulous Finds, now we girls( and oso guys) in Malaysia can get our very own beauty boxes for the price of RM35/ month , which I think is very awesome is that??

Now, the box itself
I love the idea of " double boxing".... by this way, the contents are protected and also the pretty pink box it comes in is also protected from being smashed and can be re-used...

How cute is the pink bow and silver wrapping??

The contents for July 2012 box <3

Also included

A note from founder Siow Hui Ling, which I felt was very sweet ... and

list of products,description and the price of the fullsized items...which is an excellent thought. This would be really helpfull for those who like a particular product and would like to purchase the full sized item.

I really love the idea of beauty boxes and best of luck to Fabulous Finds... Hope it bring more Fabulous Finds to us monthly... now , I cant wait for my August Box  :)


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